Coming together and planting hope and gratitude for Mother Earth and future generations.

National Tree Planting Event: Labor Day Weekend: Sept. 2-4th


What You Need / How To Plant

What you’ll need and how to plant baby trees (Bare Root Seedlings), and trees that have already been growing in pots (Containerized Trees).

Bare Root Tree Seedlings (Baby Tree)

Bare root simply means that the tree comes to you free of soil on the roots. This helps reduce the price of the seedling and makes them more adaptable to the soil that you are planting them in.

Items List

Spade or Dibble Bar
Tree transported with roots protected and kept moist
Rubber hosing for ties
Bucket of water

How To Plant A Tree Seedling

All of these are great videos. Take your pick!

Containerized Trees

Trees purchased from nurseries that are delivered in a pot or container.

Items List

Suitable digging shovel
Tarp to put dirt on
Knife to remove nursery ties on tree and tags
Water – 15 Gallons
Mulch to cover area 3-4” thick (but not piled up around tree base!
If staking:
Ties – Flexible rubber hose works well (see video)

How To Plant A Tree

Both of these videos are great. Take your pick!

Have No Place To Plant A Tree?

Consider getting a potted tree!